Prestine “PJ” Manderville
About PJ MandervilleThe Creative Director.

restine “PJ” Manderville is the founder of Color Star Media, he is the creative mind behind every project. His eye for detail and emotion guides his team and challenges them to produce amazing work that communicates an emotional message, the genuine color.

we add color


Color Star Media is a video and photography company that specializes in music videos, weddings, commercials, live events, and social media promotions.  While other companies are focused on the image, we are focused on the emotion of our media works.  We are committing to making the emotional message, the genuine color, be communicated in your videos and photos.

the perspective


As a team we believe that the the eye for detail and emotion is essential to each project.  This will ensure we produce amazing work that communites an emotional message, the genuine color.


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